Our Methodology

We follow excellent methodology that solely based on client needs and requirements. We take up wide-ranging development methodologies and practices. The challenge in selecting and following a methodology is to do it wisely - to provide sufficient process disciplines to deliver the quality required for business success, while avoiding steps that waste time, squander productivity and demoralize developers. We trust that our methodologies speak the actual process and aims at attaining the customer's ultimate requirement with utmost satisfaction.

We provide cost effective website design, ecommerce and software development or internet marketing by truly keeping the client's requirement in mind. We follow strict quality assurance strategy and delivery schedules to plan, design, develop, test and deploy the web solution.

Our client plays a vital role in our development phase and the client gets informed about the progress of the project. During the deployment phase of the project, we provide training, maintenance and ongoing support on our solution.

At Oxygen, we have developed a unique 5 step Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology to help businesses profit from our services. It has proven track record of successful project competition.