Design & Development

Product Design:

We assist our customers to recognize and decide the right choice for platform regarding the development of their product. The customers get benefited by this method, as it helps in the distribution of the products at low investments. The tools used for product design are Rational and UML. Some of the methodologies offered by us for product design are Spiral, Interactive, SDLC and Waterfall.

Product Development:

This phase of development involves the architectural designing of the product. Detectable and tangible shape is provided to the design ideas. We obtain maximum benefit by interacting closely with the client, quality engineers, designers and programmers.

Product Testing:

The technical testing of the product is done to test the strength and feasibility of the product in order to satisfy our customers. Some of the tests conducted by us are Load test, stress test, system test, integration test and unit test.

Product Installation:

It includes packaging and installation of the product and services. Our standard methodology for product installation is user friendly and hassle free to reduce complexity and maintenance cost.

Maintenance Support:

When our designed product reaches the maturity period with proper experience, we still continue to play a pivotal role in supporting and maintaining it.